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We can and do provide a full range of roofing services.

These services include:

Each of these services is discussed as individual sections. Visit the appropriate section for the service you require.


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What is the most common roofing problem?

A leaking roof is the most common type of job we undertake but there are others which are equally as important. These include repairing flat roofs, replacing lead flashings, re-bedding and re-pointing ridge tiles and dealing with storm damage.

We provide a complete new roofing systems as well as re-roofing, which replaces the felt but keeps your original tiles.

Roofing and the British Weather

Your roof can be damaged by high winds and winter weather. A severe winter in the UK can cause a whole range of problems.

It is always the best policy to keep your roof in good condition to try to prevent damage from severe weather.

A poorly maintained roof will lead to problems later on such as penetrating damp, rotting timbers or ceiling stains. This damage affects the very fabric of the house and will prove to be costly in the long run.

A leaking roof should be repaired as soon as possible in order to prevent further damage. Doing so will save you money in the long term as ignoring the problem will prove to be a costly decision in the future.

If your roof has been badly affected by the winter or storm damage then give us a call.

Rainwater goods

A very important part of any roofing service is water collection and disposal. A roof needs to be waterproof as well as withstanding the elements: so it is vital that your guttering is able to channel excess water away from the roof, down the drainpipe and into the ground.

Roof types

There are several types of roof which include flat, pitched, dormer, green and dome plus many combinations. The most common are flat roofs and pitched roofs which are used for domestic properties, commercial premises, offices and warehouses.

Roof longevity

Every roof has a finite existence. At some point your roof will show signs of wear and tear which is a completely natural state of affairs. If you stop to think about this: your roof has to fulfil a variety of functions which include protecting your house against the Great British weather, atmospheric pollution and climate change.

This applies to domestic, industrial and commercial properties alike.

A roof will show signs of deterioration in many ways, usually starting with a few cracked slates which are caused by the weather. But other signs to look out for include decaying battens, rusty flashings or rotted soffits.

Don’t forget to check the chimney as this may also show signs of wear and tear. A common problem is damaged or loosened mortar in the brickwork which will need re-pointing.

The extent of the damage to your roof will determine whether minor or major repairs are required. For advice about the best way of dealing with this damage, speak to one of our experts today.