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The flashing and the pointing need to be checked at intervals so that any potential problems can be dealt with at an early stage.

This reduces the risk of dampness seeping through which can affect the underlying structure of the chimney and spread to the rest of the roof.

Re-pointing is a method in which the old, worn down mortar is replaced by new mortar. Mortar acts as a sealant between the brickwork and helps to maintain the structure of the chimney. Plus it protects the chimney against the British weather.

But this mortar gradually erodes over time which is a result of constant exposure to wind, rain and other elements. This exposure plus natural decay causes the mortar to crumble which reduces its weatherproofing.

The decayed mortar needs to be removed followed by the application of a new coat of mortar which will reduce the risk of dampness and structural failure.

If you have a chimney issue then speak to one of our experts who will discuss chimney re-pointing and other similar repairs with you.

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