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A skylight is a common feature in many domestic, commercial and industrial properties.

The idea of having a horizontal window in a roof goes back to Georgian times but has improved dramatically since then with the use of double glazing and sealing compounds.

A skylight is still popular and along with Velux windows help to create a light, airy sensation in a small space. This is often seen in lofts and top floor rooms which are a particular feature of older properties.

Roof windows are another similar option and are also useful from a safety point of view. They provide an escape route which could literally be a life saver in buildings where the top floor is some distance away from an exit.

Types of skylight

Skylights are made of acrylic or polycarbonate: the difference between the two is the acrylic version does not have a protective UV coating and will degrade over time. But the polycarbonate skylight is practically indestructible and has a UV coating which maintains its condition and ensures its longevity.

We have a comprehensive range of skylights which include a Standard collection and Bespoke which are designed to suit any style of property.

We fit skylights with due care and attention and applies to any size of project – large or small.

We provide help and advice about the various types of skylights; roof windows and Velux windows so why not give us a call to discuss your skylight requirements with us.

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