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As Autumn is now finally here its maybe a great time to have a quick look around your roof!

Have a look for the obvious signs, a slipped or missing tile from the outside but also a quick look in your loft, especially around the chimney area will tell you if any leaks have appeared.

Its much better to spend a few £s getting minor repairs done to your roof now before the harsh winter weather comes along and a small leak becomes a much more serious and expensive problem!

Once all the leaves have finished falling its also a good idea to make sure your gutters are clear from debris as blocked drains can cause issues too!

Tip: If you do get a leak in the roof and the ceiling is beginning to bulge, pierce a small hole into it with a sharp instrument and put a bucket under the hole to catch the leak, it will prevent the whole ceiling falling through and make it easier to contain the leak. Once the roof is fixed the ceiling should dry out and a touch of filler and lick of paint will make it an easy to do repair!