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Our Director Mick was in trouble on Monday!

As part of the Realise Foundation fundraising week he agreed to be ‘Arrested’ and held in ‘jail’ at PM Training whilst he raised enough donations to get ‘bailed’ out!

Jo Reid

Getting the Mugshot done!

I was pleased to hand him in at 10.30am where he was placed under Arrest by Jo Reid of PM Training (who looked pretty comfortable in her Police Uniform I have to say)

Next he was fingerprinted before being escorted into Cell Block R where he joined another 5 ‘inmates’ each trying to raise funds for the Realise Foundation including the Editor of the Staffordshire Sentinel!

Cell Block R

Cell Block R

There was even a guy in there – or a skeleton – who didn’t manage to raise his bail last year so I think this encouraged every inmate to pick up the phone and get some pledges from their suppliers and contacts!


The inmates in Jail!



Mick managed to raise almost £1000 in pledges on the day and the rest of the inmates have now raised over £6000 so a great day and the Realise Jail was a huge success!