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A businessman has gone green to cut his fuel bills by almost half at a time when many face fuel poverty due to rising prices.

Dr Bernard Lovatt invested in solar panels on his home in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire in summer 2012.

As a result, he has seen his electricity bills reduce by 45 per cent and has received an additional payment averaging over £70 a month by selling his unused energy and through the Government Feed-in tariff.

Bernard said: “I have a technical background and worked out an investment in solar panels would be financially and environmentally rewarding, but the results have been even better than expected.

“I had 18 panels fitted to my home’s south east facing roof in July 2012 by Newcastle-under-Lyme based Rydale Roofing.

“My electricity bills have reduced by 45 per cent and, in addition, I have received a payment averaging over £70 per month from the export and feed in tariff.”

Statistics from Bernard show he received £200.60 from the export and feed in tariff in June, 2013, during a gloriously sunny month, but money was generated even in the dark days of January and February.

The Government Feed-in Tariff (FIT) is a scheme to encourage people to install renewable energy sources such as solar PV or wind turbines.

Under FITs, you can be paid for electricity generated and for any surplus electricity exported to the National Grid.

Julie Mirowski, Director of Rydale Roofing, said: “Bernard was our first solar customer and it is fantastic to see the outcome, While Government incentives have gone down since 2013, the price of the technology has also reduced and there is still a realistic opportunity to reduce bills while helping to cut carbon emissions by using green energy.”

Sun shines on Bernard following solar investment