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As we see the first severe weather warning being announced for Monday heres a little advice from us!

Its very common for a ridge tile or chimney pot to blow off with a good gust of wind in the right direction, even if your roof is new or well maintained!

The noise from a tile, ridge or anything tumbling down the roof is quite scary but the best thing to do is STAY indoors.

Remember, a falling tile from your roof could actually kill you if it hits your head and although its hard to watch especially if it hits your car, please don’t go out!

If possible give your insurance company a ring and explain what’s happened as they sometimes have a preferred contractor list and will arrange for the repairs for you

If they ask for estimates then that’s the time to ring a Roofing company.

But we also cant come along until the storm has passed as it would be unsafe for us to venture onto the roof during high winds!

Remember, any damage to your property can be rectified whereas any damage to you can be serious!